Breville espresso machines: Bambino vs Bambino Plus [Review & Differences]

Choosing a great espresso machine can be fun but tricky, especially when looking at options like the Breville Bambino and Bambino Plus. We’re here to help you decide between these compact machines. Breville, a well-known coffee brand, offers these sleek models for home baristas who want top-notch espresso without dealing with big, complicated machines. While the Bambino and Bambino Plus have similar names, they have differences in features and performance that coffee fans should understand before picking one.

We all agree that the Bambino is a better choice. Why? Well, it’s about the price. We suggest going for the Bambino and saving money to get a better grinder. That’ll make a bigger difference than the features that are a bit different.

But, if you want everything in one with easy milk frothing, then the Bambino Plus is what we’d recommend. The automatic milk frothing is good, and the self-cleaning is handy and saves time too.

The Breville Bambino is all about simplicity and delivering great espresso in a small design. It’s for those who want an easy yet strong coffee experience. On the flip side, the Bambino Plus, an upgraded version, adds more features to make espresso-making even better. Both machines share basics like a 54mm portafilter and 19 grams of coffee for full flavor, but differences in how they work, control temperature, and texture milk set them apart.

In our review, we break down each machine’s features, looking at how easy they are to use, how well they brew, and their overall performance. We also explore the tech behind these Breville wonders, seeing how their cool designs create a tasty coffee experience. We also think about size, upkeep, and cost to give you a full picture. Whether you’re new to home espresso or a pro looking for a good machine, our review of the Breville Bambino and Bambino Plus is your guide in the world of espresso makers. Come along with us on this coffee journey as we uncover the unique details that make each machine special for home brewing.

Breville Bambino vs Bambino Plus differences

Breville Bambino Breville Bambino Plus
Dimensions 7.7 x 12.6 x 12.2 inches 9.6 x 16.3 x 16.9 inches
Water Reservoir 47 fl oz 64 fl oz
Materials Stainless steel Stainless steel
Milk Frothing Manual, 360 degree wand Automatic presets for temperature and texture
Espresso Single and double Single and double
Customizable Shot duration Shot duration
Pre-infusion Yes Yes



The first big difference between the Breville Bambino and Bambino Plus is in their size, which affects how much space they take up and might matter for different kitchens. The Breville Bambino is smaller, measuring 7.7 x 12.6 x 12.2 inches. This makes it great if you have a small countertop or a tiny kitchen where saving space is important. On the other hand, the Breville Bambino Plus is a bit bigger, measuring 9.6 x 16.3 x 16.9 inches. While it might not be the best for really small kitchens, it could be good if you want more features and maybe a bigger water tank. So, picking between the Breville Bambino and Bambino Plus isn’t just about how they brew coffee but also about how much space you have and what you prefer in your kitchen.

Water Reservoir Capacity

One important difference between the Breville Bambino and Bambino Plus is the amount of water they can hold, which is crucial for making coffee without interruptions. The Bambino has a 47 fl oz water reservoir, providing enough space for home baristas to make several cups of espresso without having to fill it up too often. This size is good for people who don’t drink a ton of coffee or have limited space in their kitchen. On the other hand, the Bambino Plus has a bigger water reservoir, holding 64 fl oz. This is a significant increase compared to the Bambino and suits those who either have guests often or enjoy a lot of coffee throughout the day. The larger water reservoir means less frequent refilling, making the coffee-making process more convenient and efficient. Whether you prefer a smaller, simpler machine or one with more brewing capacity, the difference in water reservoir size is an important factor to consider when choosing between the Breville Bambino and Bambino Plus, depending on your preferences and lifestyle.

The Machine: Milk Frothing

The third key difference between the Breville Bambino and Bambino Plus is how they handle making frothy milk. When it comes to espresso, creating a creamy froth for your milk-based drinks is really important, and these machines do it in different ways. The Breville Bambino uses a manual frothing method with a wand that can turn 360 degrees. This hands-on method lets you control how frothy your milk gets, letting you adjust the texture and temperature to fit what you like. It’s great for people who enjoy getting creative with their froth and want to be more involved in making their coffee.

On the flip side, the Bambino Plus takes a more automated approach. It comes with presets for both temperature and texture during milk frothing. This means you can get the froth you want with just one touch, without needing to adjust anything manually. The Bambino Plus is designed for those who want a simple and efficient experience, liking the ease of getting consistent froth without doing it manually. Choosing between these two ways of frothing milk depends on what you prefer – whether you enjoy hands-on control like the Bambino offers or the automated simplicity of the Bambino Plus. Either way, both machines promise a tasty adventure into the world of crafting espresso.


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The fourth notable difference between the Breville Bambino and Bambino Plus lies in their milk frothing capabilities. While both machines are designed to create rich and creamy froth, the approach to achieving this varies. The Breville Bambino is equipped with a manual 360-degree wand, offering users the hands-on experience of frothing their milk to the desired texture. This manual control provides a level of customization, allowing individuals to master the art of frothing and tailor the froth according to personal preferences.

On the other hand, the Breville Bambino Plus takes a more automated route with its milk frothing functionality. This model features automatic presets for both temperature and texture, streamlining the frothing process for users who prefer a hassle-free experience.


The Bambino Plus’s automated approach is particularly advantageous for those seeking consistency and convenience in their daily coffee routine. It eliminates the need for manual intervention, making it an appealing option for users who value efficiency and a set-and-forget approach to milk frothing.

In summary, while both machines deliver delightful frothed milk, the Breville Bambino offers a hands-on, manual frothing experience, appealing to enthusiasts who enjoy the process of crafting their coffee. Conversely, the Bambino Plus opts for automation, catering to users who prioritize ease of use and a more hands-free approach to milk frothing, making it a practical choice for those with a busy lifestyle. The distinction in milk frothing methods adds a layer of personalization and convenience to the overall coffee-making experience, allowing users to choose the machine that aligns with their preferred frothing style.

Customization Features

The fifth difference between the Breville Bambino and Bambino Plus is all about making your espresso just the way you like it. Both machines let you adjust how long the espresso pours, and this is known as shot duration customization. For the Breville Bambino, this means you get to decide how strong and flavorful your single or double shots are by setting how long the machine pours them. This feature is perfect for people who enjoy having a hands-on role in creating their coffee, giving a special touch to each cup. Now, the Breville Bambino Plus also lets you do the same thing with shot duration customization. This shows that Breville is serious about giving you control over how your coffee is made. It means that if you love tweaking how long your espresso brews, both machines are here for you. This shared focus on customizing shot duration underlines how much Breville wants you to have a coffee experience that’s just right for you. Whether you prefer the simplicity of the Bambino or the extra features of the Bambino Plus, being able to decide how long your shots pour adds a personal touch that will appeal to coffee lovers who enjoy having control and precision in their home brewing adventures.


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The sixth key difference between the Breville Bambino and Bambino Plus is in what they’re made of, basically, their materials. Both machines are built strong with high-quality stainless steel. For the Breville Bambino, this stainless steel not only makes it durable but also gives it a sleek and simple look. Its small size is designed to fit well in different kitchens while staying strong. On the other hand, the Breville Bambino Plus keeps the stainless steel but adds a touch of class. The fancy stainless steel finish on the Bambino Plus not only makes it look good but also shows a dedication to making things with extra care. This special material choice doesn’t just talk about toughness; it adds a sense of style, making the Bambino Plus not just a coffee machine but a stylish piece for your kitchen. In short, both machines are tough and reliable with stainless steel, but the Breville Bambino is about being simple and functional, while the Bambino Plus is about looking and feeling a bit fancy, bringing a mix of strength and style to espresso machines.

Additional Features

The Breville Bambino and Bambino Plus have something special in their extra features. These features make each coffee machine unique. While both machines have some similar parts, they differ in certain ways to meet various preferences. The Breville Bambino is simple and small, and it has special features for those who want an easy but good coffee experience. On the other hand, the Bambino Plus is an improved version. It brings in extra features to make making espresso even better. These features could include advanced tech, easy controls, or new things that make the whole brewing experience better. Looking into this seventh difference means checking the small details that make each machine different. This helps people decide which machine fits their needs better. It could be a special way of brewing, an easy setting, or a new part. These extra features are the things that decide how well the Breville Bambino or Bambino Plus works and how much people like using them.


Features Bambino Bambino Plus
One-cup and two-cup dual wall filter baskets
54 mm portafilter
Plastic tamper Metal tamper
Steam wand cleaning tool
16 oz stainless steel milk jug
Razor precision dosing tool *sometimes included*
One-cup and two-cup single-wall filter baskets



In summary, choosing between the Breville Bambino and Bambino Plus comes down to what you like and how you want to make coffee. Both machines have basic features like different-sized filter baskets, a 54 mm portafilter, and tools for cleaning and frothing milk. But there are small differences, and it’s important to understand them to make a good choice.

The Breville Bambino is all about keeping things simple. It comes with a plastic tamper, and sometimes, it includes filter baskets for a different style of brewing called single-wall. This model is great for people who want an easy way to make good espresso without too much fuss.

On the other hand, the Breville Bambino Plus, as an upgraded version, introduces a metal tamper and a razor precision dosing tool. It also consistently includes one-cup and two-cup single-wall filter baskets. The metal tamper and additional dosing tool contribute to a more advanced and precise espresso-making experience.

Ultimately, the decision hinges on personal preferences regarding ease of use, desired features, and the level of control one seeks in the brewing process. Whether opting for the simplicity of the Bambino or the added features of the Bambino Plus, both models promise to deliver a delightful home espresso experience, reflecting the renowned quality associated with the Breville brand.



Q: Can I customize the coffee strength and volume with both the Breville Bambino and Bambino Plus?

A: Yes, both machines allow customization of coffee strength and volume. The Breville Bambino and Bambino Plus offer the flexibility to adjust these parameters according to your taste preferences.

Q: Is there a significant difference in the frothing capabilities between the Bambino and Bambino Plus?

A: While both machines provide steam wand tools for milk frothing, the Breville Bambino Plus offers automatic presets for temperature and texture, providing a more streamlined and convenient frothing experience compared to the manual approach of the Bambino.

Q: Are the single-wall filter baskets included with the Breville Bambino and Bambino Plus necessary for brewing espresso?

A: No, they are not necessary, but they offer additional versatility. The single-wall filter baskets allow for a more traditional espresso-making experience, providing users with the option to explore different brewing techniques and coffee profiles.

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